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  • Most Important Factors in Child Custody | Kallen Law Firm, LLC

    There are few decisions as weighty and central to a divorce as child custody arrangements . Determining where your child will live and go to school can shape the course of their future, just as visitation schedules can shape the nature of the child’s relationship with each parent. Judges understand this all too well, and will always put the child’s needs and interests first in making these ...
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  • What Does It Mean if My Divorce Is Uncontested?

    When you’re expecting an uncontested divorce, you may assume that the process will become much easier and faster for both partners. While there’s some truth to that assumption, divorce is still an incredibly complex legal process, one that has the potential to bring hidden conflicts, bitter disputes, and diverse family problems out into the public arena. Regardless of your unique circumstances, ...
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  • When Should I Consider Changing My Lawyer During Divorce?

    Picking the right divorce lawyer isn’t always an easy task, in spite of all the information and resources available to modern divorcees. Because people rarely expect to get divorced in the first place, you may not know what traits to even look for in a divorce attorney. In other cases, you might find someone who seems like the perfect fit – only to discover later that they don’t have your family’s ...
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