Helping Your Kids Enjoy Halloween After a Divorce

Helping Your Kids Enjoy Halloween After a Divorce

Halloween is almost upon us, so now is the time to start making plans to ensure your little ones can enjoy this ghoulishly fun holiday. If you recently finalized your divorce, this might feel like an insurmountable challenge. Do not let the newness of this situation frighten you, however. There is more than one way to conjure up an effective Halloween game plan. Whether you decide to share the day with your kids or plan to alternate between years, you and your former spouse can find a way to help your children have a spooktacular day.

Boo! Surprisingly Helpful Halloween Tips!

Many of us enjoy walking through an eerie corn maze or tip-toeing our way through a haunted house, but we generally prefer real life to be free of horrors. If you are worried about Halloween turning into a nightmare because of your strained relationship with your former spouse, we have some tips to help you navigate your way through all the twists and turns of this holiday.

Consider the following tips to avoid a scary situation:

  1. If you and your ex get along well enough, consider taking the children trick-or-treating together. It will likely only take a few hours, at most, and your plans a lot simpler. If this is not a possibility for you, consider splitting up the night. You can take the kids trick-or-treating for about an hour and then drop them off at your ex’s for another hour. It will also give them the chance to trick-or-treat in two different neighborhoods. Double the loot!
  1. If trick-or-treating was never an activity you shared with your children, there is no need to start doing it now. Consider swapping the day with your co-parent for something else. You can take the kids to a pumpkin patch or find other Halloween-themed activities to do. Halloween is often celebrated throughout the entire month of October and this is the perfect opportunity to begin creating your own new traditions with the kids.
  1. If you choose to alternate between years, keep your co-parent in the loop by sharing photos of your kids in costumes with them. The favor will likely be returned the following year.
  1. If you end up spending Halloween night alone, remember this is a holiday many adults enjoy just as much as children. Find out if your friends are hosting any parties or watch a scary movie in the dark. The last thing you want is for your kids to worry about you being lonely, so assure them that you will be fine on your own, so they can have a stress-free night of trick-or-treating.

Whatever you choose to do, do not ask your children which parent they would prefer to spend Halloween with. Doing so will put them in a high-pressure situation that will only do them harm.

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