Blog Posts in 2020

  • Extending Child Support for Adult Children with Special Needs

    The Duty to Pay Child Support In virtually every human society, a parent is expected to provide their children with sufficient financial support to secure necessities, such as food, shelter, schooling, and necessary medical care. The pervasiveness of this moral value likely stems from an instinctive human drive to ensure the survival of our species by protecting our progeny. In many societies, ...
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  • Can I Appeal a Divorce Decree?

    A divorce decree is the written, court-ordered document that grants the dissolution of a marriage. If one or both parties disagree with the final divorce judgment, they can file an appeal with a higher court. Grounds for Appeal People commonly claim the court made a mistake when appealing a divorce decree. The party that chooses to file the appeal must illustrate how the judge or court made an ...
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