Working with Your Ex-Spouse to Create Consistent Routines for Your Kids

Divorce is a challenging experience for families to endure. Young children often have an especially difficult time coping with the drastic changes precipitated by this life-altering event. To help ease them into this new normal, it is crucial for you and your former spouse to work together and collaborate on creating a set of consistent rules and routines for them to follow. Continue reading for some tips on how to proceed with this task.

Maintaining Consistency Across Two Households

Now that you and your former spouse no longer share a roof, it will be more difficult to establish consistent routines for your children, but it is not impossible. Although it would be impractical to expect both households to be identical, they should be fundamentally similar. For example, you should agree on morning and bedtime routines, curfew, and rewards for good behavior.

Having consistent rules and routines will help instill healthy habits in your children and reduce their stress, fear, and anxiety. Moreover, stability in both households may also lessen conflict between you and your former spouse.

Consider asking each other the following questions as you work together to create these rules and routines:

  • Are there any issues on which you are willing to be flexible?
  • Are there any issues on which you believe you should both be steadfast?
  • What are the consequences for your children if they disobey the rules?
  • What are the rewards for good behavior?
  • Do you believe one parent should handle particular issues?
  • How do you plan on communicating the rules to your children?

Of course, raising children can be a bit of a trial and error experience, so you may need to revisit these routines to make adjustments. The important thing is to be open to compromise and willing to cooperate.

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