How COVID-19 Is Affecting Child Custody Arrangements

After a divorce, parents will share time with their children through a child custody arrangement. It is crucial to comply with this arrangement. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic is likely creating some issues that may result in some difficulties for you and your co-parent, especially if you are an essential worker. Your co-parent may be worried about the health and safety of the children or you may not be able to afford child care for your children who are home from school for the time being. Continue reading to learn more about these challenges and how to overcome them.

Child Custody During a Pandemic

Ultimately, even during this global pandemic, you and your former spouse must do everything you can to comply with the child custody arrangement. If you or your co-parent attempts to deny scheduled visitation, it may have a negative impact on your arrangement in the future, particularly if a judge suspects you are trying to take advantage of this situation.

That said, both you and your co-parent may find that some modifications are necessary to support the best interests of your children during this challenging time. If you can reach an agreement on these modifications, this will make the situation easier, but you will still need an attorney to assist you as well as the approval of a judge.

While working on a temporary child custody arrangement, you and your former spouse must consider some of the following factors:

  • If either parent is high-risk
  • If either parent is a frontline or essential worker and at greater risk of contracting the virus
  • What may happen if a child or parent contracts COVID-19
  • How and where the children will be exchanged
  • If technology can be utilized to help the children maintain a relationship with their parents
  • Any other concerns either parent may have

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