How Is Child Support Calculated in Missouri?

When one household splits into two after a divorce, the expenses typically increase in a dramatic way – and this is especially true when you and your former spouse have a child together. Because of this, a complex set of child support calculation tables have been created in every state, to help newly divorced parents estimate their payments and make sure the custodial parent has the right support.

At Kallen Law Firm, LLC, our St. Louis child support attorneys understand this process inside and out, and we know how to navigate child support requirements in the state of Missouri. We can help you figure out the best allocation of your resources, and guide you as you move forward with this new family arrangement.

Key Considerations in Missouri Child Support Calculations

In Missouri, you will need to fill out Form No. 14, or the Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet, in order to determine child support. While this document does allow you to estimate the basics for child support, it can be surprisingly tricky to understand and fill out, especially when it comes to the details of gross income and total support costs.

In some cases, even an unemployed or stay-at-home parent can be “imputed” income, if the court finds that their work history and education make them eligible to help pay for childcare. The goal here is not to “punish” one parent for not working, but rather to make sure that their earning potential is included in the calculations.

You and your partner’s gross income will typically be determined by using all of the following income sources:

  • Salaries and wages
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses and tips
  • Pensions and retirement plans
  • Capital gains on investments
  • Gifts, like lottery winnings
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Ongoing payments, like alimony from a past marriage
  • Trust funds

The court will also account for the number of children that you and your ex-spouse share in common, as well as any costs directly related to their wellbeing. Typically, healthcare costs and day-to-day living expenses are the main considerations, but the court will often include expenses for child care, extracurricular activities, and even private school.

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