Can A Nuptial Agreement Save Your Marriage?

We’re in the middle of the peak of wedding season, and while this is a time of bliss for most new couples, the fact is that just under half of them will end up divorced at some point. Want to avoid being one of them? Marriage is a relationship that requires both spouses to work together and share common goals and ambitions, so one of the keys to a successful marriage is to know and understand these ambitions before tying the knot. While some of these conversations may be difficult to have, a St. Louis divorce lawyer can help—yes, really!

One of the ways that you can strengthen your marriage is by obtaining a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement.

Many couples mistakenly believe a “prenup” as they are more commonly called is reserved exclusively for the extremely wealthy or those who are marrying with business or other gainful intentions involved. While it’s true that many couples who do pursue these marriages also obtain these documents, a prenuptial agreement can help nearly anyone, even those who truly believe they’re perfect for each other and nothing could go wrong.

Do you know what your spouse wants from their life? What are their true goals? What do they treasure the most? What will they want to protect in the event you do get a divorce? How will you care for yourself? A prenup requires couples to consider all of these questions because a prenup essentially details some of the terms of your divorce should you ever decide to split up. This includes financial decisions (income, stocks, bonds, etc.), property decisions, terms of support, insurance matters, and even lifestyle questions.

Many young couples who are about to be married don’t want to think about getting a divorce, and for good reason; you want your marriage to be as long-lasting and healthy as possible. In many cases it’s seen as the spouse who asks for a prenup somehow expects the relationship to fail. However, it’s impossible to have a truly healthy marriage unless you’ve had these difficult conversations and worked out what it is the two of you actually wish for. By having this conversation before getting married, you can find out whether the two of you wish to lead lives that are truly compatible or if you will both eventually want to go your own way, leading to an expensive and possibly messy divorce.

A prenuptial agreement also forces you to put everything in the open, which means you have no choice but to trust one another. Trust is a fundamental part of any marriage, which means it’s in your best interests to establish this part of your relationship completely before heading out on the road of marriage together. Consider obtaining a mutual prenuptial agreement—the exercise could be one that bolsters your relationship and prevents you from ever needing to use it in the future.

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