Prepare These Important Documents for Your Divorce

Are you and your spouse headed for divorce? It is important you go into what may be an incredibly painful and drawn-out process as prepared as possible, as this will save you endless time, energy, and trouble. Despite how amicable your relationship may be with your spouse, it is essential you make sure to safeguard yourself and prepare for any situation possible. Expecting the worst will certify you aren’t caught off guard with something devastating. Preparation is best achieved with making your arrangements as soon as possible. Having everything ready in advance will help you protect yourself during this difficult time.

The following are the most important documents to prepare for your upcoming divorce:

  • Marital or separation agreements
  • Pay stubs and record of any other income
  • Evidence of monthly expenses
  • Tax returns and evidence of debts
  • Savings accounts documents
  • Securities such as stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposits
  • Real estate documents and documents for owned properties
  • Retirement documents
  • Estate planning documents
  • Insurance papers and vehicle titles
  • Business papers

Locating these papers early on is the ultimate form of protection if you are facing an ending marriage. We can help you organize and arrange everything prior to the start of your divorce proceedings.

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