Tips on Negotiating Alimony

One of the most stressful and argumentative aspects of divorce is the financial aspect of the entire process, as many people refuse to give in. If you are in the midst of a divorce, you are likely discussing the hot topic of alimony, in which one partner provides spousal support to the other as a result of a number of specific factors. Whether you are the one being asked to pay alimony, or are instead trying to obtain financial support from your ex, we want to help.

Consider the following tips when negotiating alimony:

  • Don’t do it alone – Our St. Louis divorce attorneys will fight relentlessly on your behalf, and you will you be more likely to obtain the settlement you want with us on your side.
  • Don’t settle – Accepting the 1st offer will result in you walking away from your marriage with less than you deserve. The 1st offer is almost always unreasonable--taking it is a big mistake.
  • Be reasonable – Don’t let your dream alimony figure deter you from the reality of the situation. You have to be willing to compromise in a number of situations, and our team can help you decide what is most important to you, as well as what can be conceded if necessary.
  • Remember your personal assets – Asset division is an important factor when it comes to alimony, and it is important to remember that the assets given to you can also make up for a low alimony figure. Sometimes, these assets are more important than monetary compensation.
  • Children – If you and your ex-spouse share children together, this can make alimony all the more complicated. Spousal support can be reduced in favor of purchasing certain things for the children. A rejection of this offer may make the person receiving alimony seem selfish, and won’t sit well with the judge. Children are often the epicenter of divorce negotiations, and it is important you both keep their best interests in mind.

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