Three Absurd Reasons for Divorce

Couples who file for divorce have their own reasons for pursuing this legal option. Some drift apart, some lose the passion in their relationship, and others may have had an indiscretion come between them. Other times, the reason for the split is more… unique. On this blog, we examine three strange (and very real) reasons why couples have decided to call it quits on their marriage and pursue a divorce.

Social Media Slander

Social media is as much a part of our lives today as the television or the telephone, and parts of our lives that are shared on these networks can have ramifications or consequences in the real world as much as the online sphere.

One couple in the United Kingdom discovered this in 2009 when he subtly switched his relationship status from “married” to “divorced,” without telling his wife, and without ever serving notice. In fact, she found out when her friend called her to console her.

A Lost Gamble

Poker games can get quite heated, but is it worth gambling your relationship on? One Russian man believed it was, and bet his wife on a poker game after having lost his entire life savings. He lost. When his friend went to collect his winnings, his wife was so furious that she immediately filed for divorce.

Turns out, the bet became a good one for the man’s friend, who then began a relationship with his ex-wife, and then later married her.

A Not-So-Cute Nickname

Comedians have long made jokes at the expense of their spouses, often giving them absurd nicknames such as “the old ball-and-chain” and many others. One Saudi Arabian man took this too far, and his wife discovered it on a day when he left his cell phone at home. His wife decided to call it, and discovered that the name which popped up was “Guantanamo.” That Guantanamo.

It was noted in her divorce filing papers that the woman believed the nickname to be “harsh and rude,” despite the husband’s claim that it was just a funny joke.

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