Tips for Becoming an Effective Co-Parent

Co-parenting with your former spouse is no easy feat if you still have a lot of issues that have yet to be resolved. However, no matter how many differences the two of you have, you still have one common interest – the wellbeing and happiness of your children. That is why it is crucial for both of you to do your best at becoming effective co-parents despite any problems that might still be weighing on you.

Here is a list of tips that will help you improve your co-parenting skills:

  • Be flexible and open to change: You should both do your best to stick to the parenting plan and visitation schedule, but the fact is that sometimes life will get in the way and adjustments need to be made for these unexpected occurrences. Instead of being difficult and uncooperative, be willing to make changes. This show of goodwill will not only make things easier for everyone, but your ex-spouse is likely to reciprocate it in the future if you end up in a bind.
  • Be compassionate and empathetic: This situation is hard not only for you, but for your children and ex-spouse. Your children might miss their other parent when they are with you and he or she might miss them. Be kind and allow your kids to talk about their feelings and let them communicate with their parent when they need to. Again, these acts of kindness will nurture a proper co-parenting relationship where both parties are considerate of one another’s feelings and needs.
  • Not every issue needs to be a war: You will inevitably have many disagreements, so try not to make each and every one of them a battle. There is no point to creating any unnecessary drama or contention, so only focus on the issues that matter to you and let the rest slide, if possible.
  • Make your goodbyes less dramatic: when dropping off the kids, do not make a big fuss over it and refrain from crying. Yes, you will miss them, but a long and dramatic farewell will only hurt them and make them feel guilty about spending time with their other parent. Keep the drop-off short, so they can feel at ease about enjoying their time with your former spouse.
  • Share the good stuff: You and your co-parent are going to miss some special moments, so share them with each other to avoid the feeling of being excluded. Share pictures of your children or a story about something they did during their time with you if you feel it is memorable. You can ask your former spouse to do the same for you, so you can both feel like you are not missing any special moments with your children.

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