How Dating Can Affect Your Divorce Case

Moving on after divorce can be difficult, which is why many people are hesitant to jump back into the dating pool and find someone else to care for again. This is especially true for contentious divorces, as it can be nearly impossible to be trust in romance and relationships following the ending of a marriage. Most people get married with the intent that they will never have to date again, which is why it is we commend anyone who is willing to open their heart to the idea of love once more.

However, did you know dating can affect your divorce case? Though you may expect your ex-spouse to care whether or not you’re dating, you may be surprised to learn this information will have a major influence on your divorce case. The most obvious to be affected is child custody. If you are dating during your divorce case, your children may not feel comfortable spending time with you as you have already moved one. Therefore, they may request to live with their other parent. In addition, your ex-spouse may be resistance to shared custody, as he or she may not wish to have their child around your new partner.

Another way in which dating may affect your divorce case is with property division or alimony determinations. Your ex-spouse may be resentful of your new relationship and may not agree to pay spousal support because they fear there was adultery going on in the relationship--especially if you begin living with your new partner before divorce is final. This kind of confrontation, resentment, hurt, and anger may severely affect your divorce case proceedings.

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