How Does Joint Custody Work?

If you are in the midst of a divorce in which you share children with your ex-spouse, child custody, support, and visitation may be one of the most contentious aspects of your relationship. What’s most important to remember above all is to keep your children out of the conflict as much as possible, while you and your ex-spouse figure out how to handle the various challenges coming your way. If you are lucky enough to settle upon joint custody, you will endure a much smoother ride than most, in which one parent has sole, physical, and legal custody, and the other must work strictly with the primary’s schedule.

Joint custody is also known as shared custody, and it refers to when both parents share the decision-making responsibilities of the shared children, including physical control and custody. Joint custody involves divorced parents who no longer live together, but raise their children in a separate, cohesive way.  

Joint custody can work in a number of ways, and has various advantages. The most common forms of joint physical custody include alternating months of years with one parent, or spending weekends and holidays with one parent, and weekdays with the other. Children can also split weeks between each parent’s residences. An interesting way to tackle joint custody, so as to avoid the constant shuttling of children from place to place is known as nesting. This occurs when children stay in the home they are living in, and parents alternate the times in which they live at the said home.

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