Divorce Advice for Women: Helping Professional Women Make Sound Legal Decisions to Protect Their Future

Over the last few decades, societal and family dynamics have evolved beyond the typical paternalistic household where a husband goes to work each day while the wife stays home to tend to domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning. The Pew Research Center conducted an analysis of this shifting perspective and determined that the mother was either the sole or primary breadwinner for 40% of American households with minor children. Divorce advice for women, therefore, must change as society itself undergoes major shifts.

Despite a professional career, for most women, their role as primary caretaker has not changed. Increased responsibilities at work have not reduced the amount of work that must be taken care of at home once the workday is over. Divorce advice for women must take this additional labor into account. If you are a professional woman and are going through a divorce, contact us today to speak with one of our divorce lawyers about your situation and to ensure that your best interests are protected.

High-Asset Divorce Advice for Women

Divorce is rarely an easy process, regardless of what type of familial and/or professional circumstances are involved. However, high-asset divorce introduces additional implications, especially for professional, working women earning more than $100,000 per year. Divorce advice for women in this situation therefore, must be different than advice for women who are homemakers or who earn less.

With an economic shift toward working mothers and stay-at-home fathers, women must now face issues of shared custody, and of making (rather than receiving) alimony payments. Until recently, divorce advice for women usually neglected to consider issues like this.

Divorce Advice for Women Regarding Property Division

To ensure that the division of marital property is handled properly, it is vital that you take time to have the property valued and assessed by a professional appraiser. Property must also be carefully classified as marital or nonmarital to ensure that property is distributed in a truly equitable fashion.

Divorce Advice for Women Regarding Child Custody

Divorce advice for women must also include advice about child custody and visitation arrangements. These arrangements should be made with the child's best interests at the forefront, but you must also consider how you will be able to balance your career with childcare responsibilities. It is also important to consider how you will face the future as a single woman or a single mother. Saving for retirement and maintaining proper insurance is a vital step in planning for and safeguarding your future.

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High-asset divorces are inherently more complex and require a higher level of legal attention. Professional women must actively protect what is rightfully theirs and safeguard their future so they can preserve what they have worked so hard for. Our goal at Kallen Law Firm, is to fight for your rights and help you maintain your current lifestyle while planning for your future. The most important step in beginning the divorce process is to seek divorce advice for women from a trustworthy and reliable law firm that specializes in handling high-asset divorces for professionals.

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