How Do I Know if Legal Separation Is Right for Me?

Deciding to separate from your spouse might be one of the hardest choices you will ever have to make. Getting separated has many legal implications, such as determining child custody, visitation rights, and how to divide property. Of course, separating can be the beginning of what will eventually lead to divorce. Because of this, getting separated is unlike ending any other type of relationship, regardless of how many breakups you’ve been through. This is why it is important to be sure you’re ready to legally separate from your spouse. Below, we explain 6 signs that indicate legal separation is right for you.

#1: Your Partner Is No Longer Participating in the Marriage

If your partner does any of the following things, it might be time too seriously consider legal separation:

  • Doesn’t acknowledge you anymore
  • Doesn’t make time for you
  • Is no longer affectionate with you
  • Barely comes home
  • Makes travel plans without telling you
  • Behaves as if you do not exist

#2: Separating Would Improve Your Quality of Life

Do you think your life would generally improve without your partner? Do you think you would be greatly relieved after being separated? If you answered yes to both of these questions, it might be time to separate from your spouse.

#3: Your Kids Are the Only Thing Keeping You from Leaving

Many people feel that separating from their partner would improve their life, but they worry about how their children will be affected and choose to remain in an unhappy marriage. However, if your kids are the only thing preventing you from moving on with your life, it means you’re already subjecting them to an unhappy home. Your kids will be better off coping with the separation than having to continue living with parents who are unhappy together.

#4: Your Partner Is a Narcissist

If your partner has this type of personality, it can be very difficult to have to spend your life with them.  Unfortunately, narcissistic tendencies only get worse as a person ages, which means your partner might eventually cheat on you or steal money from you without feeling any remorse for their actions. If your partner’s narcissistic tendencies are causing conflict in your marriage, separating from them now can save you the stress and heartbreak that you will eventually have to deal with due to their selfish actions.

#5: Your Partner Is Abusive

It is never acceptable for one spouse to physically or verbally abuse the other spouse. If you are suffering abuse in your relationship, it is absolutely time to separate and eventually divorce.

#6: You Have Lost Trust in Your Partner

When your partner cheats on you and fails to regain your trust, your marriage will not be able to recover. No none can go on living in a constant state of tension, which means it’s time to sever the relationship.

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