What to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

When a couple decides there is no longer much working in the relationship, it soon becomes apparent divorce is the only option. More and more people are earning the emotional and financial independence to end their marriage. While it is common to want to immediately be free of your spouse, you have to realize the long road ahead of you won’t always be easy--even when you have a dedicated and compassionate St. Louis divorce attorney by your side, such as ours at Kallen Law Firm, LLC.

Ultimately, a divorce is the breaking of a legal contract, but it is also so much more. It is separating from someone you pledged your entire life to, which is a heartbreaking realization for many to come to.

The following are important things to consider before you file for divorce:

  • Finances – Who was the breadwinner of the marriage? Will you be able to sustain yourself without this income?
  • Children – How old are your children, and how will you tell them? What does your ideal custody plan look like? Is child support going to be an issue?
  • Emotional roller coaster – Are you prepared to potentially spend weekends, holidays, or other important times of your life alone? Do you know how you will busy yourself without a partner by your side?

It goes unsaid just how drastic this change will be in your life, which is why it is important you don’t rush into this decision blindly. There are instances in which divorce is absolutely necessary, such as when your spouse is emotionally or physically abusive, or in instances in which your spouse is partaking in illegal activity. However, it is important you are as fully aware as possible about what your life will look like as a single person once more.

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