Child Support for Disabled Adult Children

If you are a parent to a disabled child, you know their needs are unique. Many disabled children require intensive therapy, expensive medications, special education, and exceptionally attentive, hands-on parenting. Due to the extraordinary level of attention and coordination required to care for a child with a disability, the majority of the work tends to fall to one parent after divorce. In many such cases, child support is essential to the primary caregiving parent’s ability to provide their child with the best possible upbringing.

While some children with disabilities may achieve a level of independence as adults, others with more serious mental and cognitive disabilities may not. In fact, children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and severe autism are unlikely to ever become self-sufficient and will remain fully dependent on a parent or other family caregiver for support. In such cases, continuation of child support for adult children with disabilities may prove essential to their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the caregiving parent. While many states do not require parents to pay child support for disabled children over 18 years of age, a Missouri court can do so if the child in question cannot support themselves.

A Missouri court will likely only order that you continue to pay child support for a disabled adult child if their disability meets certain criteria. First, the mental or physical disability must have occurred or developed before the child turns 18. The disability itself must also be the root cause of an adult child’s inability to live or function on their own. If these are true and you are able to demonstrate your child’s disability, you may be able to petition the court for continued child support.

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