Should You Move Out of the House during a Divorce?

During a divorce, the last thing you may want to do is live in the same house as your spouse. It may not only be a contentious situation in which the both of you can’t stand the sight of each other, but it also  may be too painful to stay in the home or living space you both shared so many memories in. This brings up the very commonly asked question: should I move out of the house during my divorce? The truth of the matter is, the answer to this question can only be answered on a case-by-case basis, as each relationship is entirely different from the other.

The following are important things to consider when deciding whether or not you should move out of your marital home:

  • If you both own the home, you don’t have to leave if asked. However, consider the emotional implications of staying--will you be okay staying in the same home as someone you are choosing to legally separate from? Will it bother you to see them having a social life that no longer involves you? These are realistic and painful occurrences you may have to face, which is why it may be better for you to find an alternative living situation if you are sensitive to the divorce in the first place. The only way you will be forced to leave is if a judge order you to leave, which will only happen in cases of domestic violence.
  • If you have children, you may want to hesitate before leaving. Your child custody agreement may be negatively affected, as a judge may not like the fact that you are leaving your children behind. If you want to fight for primary custody, you likely won’t be granted that if you leave, as you are indicating the other parent is capable of taking care of your children. Any kind of disruption to your children’s daily lives is not a good sign in the courts.
  • If you choose to leave, consider you may be leaving behind most of your property and leaving it at the mercy of your ex, who may not be happy with you. Are you comfortable leaving your valuables with someone who may possibly be very angry and upset with you? Be aware that once you leave your home, it may not be quite as easy to get back in. If you feel leaving is necessary, make sure you have all necessary documents and important, sentimental, and expensive items with you before you go.

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