Holiday Tips for Recently Divorced Parents

Divorces are often very painful; there’s really no way around that. So when the holiday season comes around as it is now, it can re-open some of the emotional wounds that may not have fully healed. It can be easy to forget that this is also equally, if not more true for your children, who will be facing the holidays with separated parents for the first time. In this blog, we offer a few valuable tips for parents to help support their children and establish new, enjoyable traditions for the future.

Don’t Leave Your Children Out, Give Them a Voice

When making decisions regarding your children, be sure to give them a voice in the matter. Let them express their wishes and suggestions, and make a genuine effort to let them happen if they are reasonable and possible. This may involve some coordination and flexibility on behalf of both you and your spouse, but doing so can make your children and your entire family better off as a result.

Establish New, Enjoyable Traditions

If you have recently completed a divorce and are going through the holidays for the first time, one of the potentially positive things is that you have a sort-of “blank slate” on which to create new holiday traditions. These can be big things, such as where and who your kids spend certain times with, but also little things. Some parents may opt to make a Christmas day trip to the movies a new tradition to enjoy, or maybe spending Christmas on vacation in a favorite spot. Whatever you choose, make sure your kids are involved in the decision to give them something to look forward to.

Don’t Compete With Gifts

Some parents may try to outdo their ex when it comes to their holiday gifts in an effort to try to win over favor. Don’t try this; it rarely works how you think it will and more often than not it actually creates even more emotional damage with kids. They may enjoy the gift, but the fact that their parents are competing usually just leads to more sadness.

Instead, coordinate your gifts with your ex. This helps you avoid duplicates and not overspend on a gift that is too lavish for you to afford, which is something both you and your ex will likely appreciate as money is usually very tight after a divorce finalizes.

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