Understanding Property Division in a St. Louis Divorce

Divorce is a complex process with many unique components. Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of a divorce is property division, in which the couples’ marital property is divided between them. Although property division occurs in nearly every divorce case, many people do not understand how it works. In this blog, our St. Louis divorce attorneys take a look at how this process is handled in Missouri.

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Understanding Marital v. Separate Property

In a divorce, there are essentially two types of property – marital property, which belongs to equally to both spouses under the law, and separate property, which only belongs to one spouse. While this is easily understood, things get muddy in a real-world application.

Property owned by either spouse may be subject to division, unless:

  • It was acquired prior to the marriage
  • It was inherited by, or gifted to one spouse
  • It has been excluded from division in a prenuptial agreement
  • It was acquired during legal separation, but before divorce

However, this still does not cover some very common real-world scenarios. If, for example, one spouse buys a house on their own before getting married, you may think it is separate property. If the couple used marital income to pay the mortgage, however, the property has become “comingled.” In these cases, a formula is used to fairly compensate the homeowner for their increased contribution.

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