Signs It's Time to Change Divorce Lawyers

Your divorce case is a life-altering experience that should be handled with care, compassion, and the utmost professionalism by your lawyer. Sadly, however, this is not always the case. Many lawyers who are more concerned with their paycheck and handling as many cases as possible often do not give clients the respect or representation they deserve. As a result many of their clients wind up with a settled case with which they are extremely unhappy with the result.

It is important to make sure your best interests and happiness are looked after through every step of your divorce process, and if you ever feel like you aren’t receiving the attention you deserve, then it may be time to change divorce lawyers. Let’s take a look at a few signs that it might be time to do so.

Your Lawyer is Never Available

Due to the high-stakes nature of divorce cases, a good lawyer will often limit their case volume to give each case the attention it deserves. If your lawyer is never returning your calls, or doesn’t do so in a timely manner, this is a pretty large red flag, and you should consider switching. You should expect a response to major issues within about 48 hours, depending on any holidays, weekends, etc. Issues can arise quickly in divorce cases, so it’s okay to expect prompt assistance, however also be respectful of your lawyer’s time, knowing that you likely are not their only case.

Your Lawyer Misses Deadlines

Divorce cases often involve regular filing of important documents, so if you are frequently receiving notices that your documents have not been filed on time or your case is on the verge of being dismissed due to inactivity, it’s time to have a serious discussion with your lawyer. If you are entrusting your case to a representative, it is important for that representative to do their part in ensuring they are handling your case properly.

This is also a sign that your lawyer may be taking too many cases at once and isn’t providing you with the counsel or attention you deserve. This can present major problems further down the road as they may pressure you to settle for an undesirable resolution.

Your Lawyer Lacks Professionalism

Your lawyer should always be on-time to proceedings, have all important documents, and remember the key facts about your case, as they have given it their utmost attention and study. If your lawyer does not do some of these things, then they have not given your case significant attention, or they quite simply may not care about it as much as some others. This is crucial as one forgotten detail, such as a missing document, could compromise your entire case, not to mention annoy your judge.

Your Lawyer Refuses to Listen

Your case is of significant importance to your life, not your lawyers. Therefore, you should be the one to have the final say. If your lawyer is pressuring you to settle for terms that make you unhappy, or they are guiding your case in a direction you feel will leave you with a result that will leave you unhappy, despite your requests otherwise, you should really consider switching.

While it is important for your lawyer to advise you of expectations and provide you with options, ultimately it is your decision where you would like your case to go and your lawyer should take your best wishes and intentions to heart in how they handle your case.

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