Common Divorce Myths

Over the years, a public perception on divorce has resulted in a number of myths that continue to mislead the public. If you’re filing for divorce, it’s important to know how issues such as custody, alimony and finances are handled. In this blog, our St. Louis divorce attorney debunks some of the most common myths surrounding divorce.

Divorce is Always Expensive

Although divorce can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. These days, a majority of divorcing couples go through an uncontested divorce. These types of divorces keep the process simple and cost-efficient. It’s an opportunity for you and your ex-spouse to end your marriage quickly and quietly.

Mothers Will Always Get Custody

When deciding on which spouse gets custody, it used to be that states automatically awarded custody to the mother. Since then, most states have dropped that rule entirely and now base custody orders on what serves the best interest of the child.

The Ex-Husband Will Always Have to Pay Child Support and Alimony

In Missouri, marital support is ordered when the spouse who is seeking alimony does not have the financial means to support their reasonable needs and cannot be supported through employment. That situation can fall on any of the two spouses, not just the wife. When calculating child support, the court will look at the income of both parents, how many children there are and how much their cost of care is. Because the non-custodial parent can be either the mother or the father, there are some cases that order the mother to pay child support.

Property is Always Divided Equally

Missouri is considered an “equitable division” state, which means the assets between you and an ex-spouse will be divided fairly – which doesn’t always mean equally. Only marital property will be divided, which includes all the property and assets earned during the marriage. The court decides on how property is divided by looking at each spouse’s financial situation and what the arrangements are for child and marital support.

At Kallen Law Firm, our St. Louis divorce attorneys understand how emotionally difficult divorce can be. Oftentimes, it can take a toll on the close relationships you deeply value and care for. If you’re filing for divorce, don’t hesitate to contact our office to ensure that a dedicated legal advocate is by your side throughout the entire process. Call our office at 314.441.7793 or contact us online to request a free consultation.