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When it comes to ending a marriage, divorce is most often the most effective and appropriate legal solution. However, in certain, less common circumstances, an annulment may be more appropriate. Unlike a divorce, which dissolves a legally recognized marriage, an annulment recognizes that a valid marriage never existed in the first place.

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Grounds for Annulment

Annulment is available to individuals who believed that some element of their marriage was fraudulent, misrepresented, or inappropriate in some way. The state of Missouri recognizes a number of different ways that this can be so.

You can file for an annulment if your marriage involves:

  • Kinship: if a marriage is between two individuals who are somehow closely related (immediate family, uncles/aunts, cousins), then the marriage can be voided before the courts.
  • Underage participants: if one or both spouses are under 18 at the time of a marriage (and do not have the written consent of the parents/guardians), the courts can recognize the marriage as invalid.
  • Bigamy: Bigamy occurs when one person is married to multiple people. If one spouse is already married to someone else at the time of the marriage, the marriage can be annulled.
  • Missouri judge drawing up legal document does not recognize common law marriageCommon-law marriage: common-law marriages are not recognized in the state of Missouri, therefore it is not possible to create a common law marriage. If they originate in another state, however, they can be legally recognized.
  • Lack of capacity: if one party of the marriage suffered from senility, insanity, or another form of mental incompetence, then the marriage may later be annulled. In some cases, impotence can also be claimed on these grounds.
  • Fraud and/or duress: if one or both parties of the marriage were somehow under undue pressure to enter into the marriage, the marriage can be annulled. Similarly, if one or both parties entered the marriage under the promise of something significant that was untrue or misrepresented, the marriage can be annulled.

Do you believe that your marriage meets the grounds for annulment? If so, it is critical to speak with a trusted St. Louis annulment attorney today. We can help you navigate this process, protect your interests every step of the way, and ensure that your circumstances are compellingly put forth before the law.

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